As part of the 24th Summer University of Tuzla 14.6.2019. At the Multimedia Hall of the University of Tuzla, organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, a series of expert lectures was held under the joint title “ICT and Assistive Technology in the Inclusion Process in Higher Education”. Our colleague Sulejman Delić, bach.eng.el. has delivered a lecture on “Amazon Echo ‘Alexa’ for the People with Disabilities”. The lecture covered the basic principles of Alexa’s work and a demonstration of some of her “powers” as a virtual assistant.

“Working with Alexa is still something new in our area, and I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who has shown an interest in it,” said our colleague Suleiman.

Upon completion of this successful event, lectors were presented with a “thank you note” and certificates were given to the participants.

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