We are developers 2019 was held in Berlin on June 6st and 7st.

Once a year, 10,000+ developers gather in Berlin for the world’s largest developer event, We Are Developers World Congress. At the largest developers congress in Europe, software engineers from all over the world get together to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

This year, six of us got a chance to go to Berlin. The event was a pleasure and a great experience.

The opening ceremony was held by famous chess grandmaster, Garry Kasparov. The emphasis of the speech was on the fact that the creativity of people in the world of smart machines is very important and that technology needs a human factor. According to Kasparov, we should be aware that AI will never replace us, but instead, we will strengthen and improve AI by adding human creativity to it.

“AI is augmented. We aren’t being replaced. We’re being promoted!” – Garry Kasparov

After that, visitors could choose between 8 different parallel lectures, divided into blocks. We attended multiple interesting lectures and enjoyed hearing about the latest features.

The WAD conference was all about sharing ideas, meeting new people and learning new technologies.


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