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Unique Industry Expertise

We know clinic operations from a platform developer perspective. Having built systems from the ground up for companies in the healthcare, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries in the US, EU & China, has given us valuable market insight and expertise. With this expertise, Cape Ann delivers robust technology solutions for global life sciences companies across the entire product lifecycle with a reduced development risk and a lower overall cost structure.

Cape Ann’s strong software development team is backed by top PhDs in the space of Bioinformatics and Genomics who can help deliver innovative strategies while reducing time-to-market, accelerating research and drug discovery, and optimizing commercial operations to drive top-line growth.

Modular Ecosystem

Cape Ann can rapidly develop an entire platform to support the typical research or diagnostic lab infrastructure that simplifies, automates and accelerates the process within a biotech company. These modular systems can include; direct-to-consumer kit order, registration and fulfillment, lab workflows, sample tracking, customer portal, physician portals, clinical interpretation platform, consulting services, and business analytics – all in a low-cost, out-of-the-box, cloud-based platform that can be implemented in a fraction of the time of other solutions and tailored to your specific needs.


With a deep understanding of life sciences and clinical services, Cape Ann can help build a solution that will streamline your business and deliver on your product vision. We can provide a complete team to ensure your product goals are met. During development you will be well-informed with tight bi-directional communication channels. Post development, Cape Ann can help run operations including bioinformatics pipelines while providing ongoing and support and maintenance for your systems.


Using a Force Multiplier approach, Cape Ann leverages the expertise of top PHDs to craft solutions that are then implemented by experienced life science software developers.


Cape Ann has local PhD professionals that can provide a range of consulting services to help you optimize your software architecture and operations through our extensive experience in data analysis, sequencing, bloodwork, biobank data, AI for drug discovery and AI for genomics.

Data Analysis

Cape Ann’s PhDs can help design processes to capture, store and provide deep analysis on sequenced data. With our AI and machine learning expertise, we can help you extract insight from that data. This includes targeted mutation or targeted analysis or discovery of underlying pathogens.


Cape Ann’s Development Expertise is unique among non–US Companies. Our knowledge of the tools, the frameworks, and the technologies result in hardened, secure platforms that commercialize the science at scale.

Software Architecture & Design

Our seasoned architects will analyze your requirements and design a solution architecture that will implement the latest technologies. These designed-for-maintenance modular approaches help our clients stay competitive and meet the demands of the sophisticated users while remaining aligned with your business goals.

Platform Development

We will be there through your entire journey through careful planning and effective execution of an end-to-end solution tailored to your needs. These modules include end user kit ordering, fulfillment and registration to tracking, performing analysis on biological data, up to results/report distribution to institutions or end customers.


We provide a wide range of PhD level bioinformatics services in the field of genomics such as comparative genome analysis, genome annotation, genome mapping, microbiome analysis, exome analysis, variant annotation and custom scripting and special projects to meet your specific business needs.

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