As of today, the Tuzla’ Chemical School is richer for ten desktop computers that will mainly be used by web design students. It is a gift from a company with which the School has previously signed a collaboration agreement, based on which the students in this programming activity will undertake hands-on teaching.

Since the last year, students of the Tuzlas’ Chemical School, thanks to this agreement with CA design, have a student traineeship at not only web design but programming studies as well.

At that student traineeship, they have a mentor that we have assigned to them with whom they will work on real projects so that we can direct them as best we can into the work they will one day pursue, the job they are educating themself for. – Gabriela Andreas, marketing manager at CA Design told RTVTK.

The expansion of cooperation between the school and this company, which builds its market mainly in the United States, is reflected by the donation of 10 desktop computers that were handed over today with the installed operating systems that were handed to school management.

– It is one act of goodwill from the company business owners to improve the working conditions of other students in these studies as a graphics technician – web designer at our school. We have been educating students for these studies for the past 10 years, and this year I can say, that there has been an expansion both in the enrollment for this direction of studies and for the interest of certain companies to provide our students with student traineeship, says Arif Švraka, director of the Tuzlas’ Chemical School

With the involvement of even more students in projects together with 60 donor company employees, these partners will continue to cooperate in the years to come.

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