Cape Ann Enterprises is one of the largest IT companies in Tuzla Canton employing around 60 + young people, IT professionals. What Cape Ann is particularly proud of,  is a team harmony, culture, and interpersonal relationships. Software developers in Cape Ann are working on exciting and cutting-edge projects together with clients who are leaders in biotechnology, education, genetics, and science; clients that are introducing new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Azra Hasanovic and Jasmina Kadric are part of that team. These young and smart girls have been recognized in a very short time as a great potential that will with experience certainly become something to strive for.

How and why did you decide to pursue a career in the IT sector?

Azra H.: I consider the IT sector to be the profession that currently provides the most opportunities in the world to advance, and acquire new knowledge as well to earn an income. At the time when I was deciding on a career, IT seemed to me,  to be the most promising occupation in the world.

Where did you acquire the basic knowledge required for a developer job?

Jasmina K.: I gained basic knowledge at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tuzla, and then upgraded my knowledge by participating in a programming school organized by BILD IT in Doboj.

What did your journey to employment in Cape Ann look like?

Azra H.: Cape Ann is a company I knew from before and was my first and logical choice when I was looking for my first job. I knew roughly what programming languages ​​they were using and what kind of clients they were working with. I knew a lot of their employees, and I decided to apply for one of their job openings, after which they sent me certain tests that I had to pass,  to be invited for an interview. After the interview, I expected to be called after a few days, but the call came the same afternoon, and by the beginning of the following week I had already joined the team. I want to emphasize that after 10 months of work here, I am very satisfied with the progress that I have made and the knowledge I have gained in the company.

What are the career opportunities in the IT sector for a young woman?

Jasmina K.: For a young individual. I don’t like to point out women when it comes to working life. We are all equal here. The possibilities are endless for anyone willing to commit to the profession and make steady progress. We live in a country where many young people are unemployed or living on the brink of existence. Careers in the IT sector provide job security, above-average pay and comfortable life. Our company employs 60 + young, independent people.

Is the IT world finally stoping to be just a world of men?

Azra H.: If we remember, the first programmer in the world was a woman and therefore this was never a world of men. We all gain the same knowledge and pursue the same job so that there is no gender difference. Even those percentages say something completely different as more men are engaged in this profession, now that is slowly changing.

What are your professional goals for the future?

Azra H. and Jasmina K., Almost in Voice: When I grow up, I’ll be Mujo.

(Mujo is a highly respected colleague who, although young, has more than 10 years of experience and knows so much that any other team can turn to him for help in any area. And he is cool.)

7th September 2018 by Bit Alliance

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