Last week, we were excited to have our Managing Partner, David Martz, visiting our Cape Ann Enterprises office in Tuzla. We might be located on two sides of the ocean, but we are united in our efforts and dedication to fulfill our objectives and bring our company vision to life. During this visit, we engaged in open discussions, brainstormed innovative ideas, and collectively agreed on a path for new achievements. The visit brought an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and valuable insights that will shape the future projects.

We were also delighted to have our colleagues from Zenica and Gracanica offices join in for a company-wide get together and celebrate the ten year anniversary of our dear colleague, Edin Murselovic! We are proud to call you our colleague, and we hope to celebrate successful milestones for many years to come! Congratulations!

Stay tuned as we embark on the next chapter filled with possibilities and ensure that every step we take further strengthens our team’s success.

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