Team Extension

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You have new projects to take on but want to keep your developers focused. We can extend your team to get these initiatives started and still keep existing projects moving forward.

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Complete Solutions

Designing and building a product is just the first step. Our maintenance and operations teams can make sure the servers are running and the product is growing with you.


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Users today want everything, everywhere, all the time. Whether it's a mobile app or a responsive design, we'll make sure your application works where your users need it to.

Idea to market

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Transform your business idea into a working product through fast, iterative development. Move from concept to minimum viable product (MVP) in a matter of weeks.


What We Do


Software consulting services

We partner with our clients at the idea conception phase to architect, design, implement, deploy and maintain technology solutions to solve business needs with a proven on-shore/offshore European model.



We partner with our clients at the idea conception phase to architect, design, implement, deploy and maintain technology solutions to solve business needs with a proven on-shore/offshore European model.

Bring ideas to market

Lots of people can write code. Very few have the experience and expertise of working with clients from the very idea conception phase all the way to the market. Our team of architects, designers, developers and project managers have decades of experience building some of the largest and most successful IT organizations in the US.


Rapid prototyping

We specialize in rapid prototyping and an iterative development process. Today clients are often faced with having to build their applications or concepts to test the market needs, gather feedback and iterate on the design before large scale resources are dedicated to a project. We develop prototypes of run-time quality that are flexible and scalable. Prototypes today require reliability, scalability and finished look and feel as end users gravitate towards visual aspects.

We start by sitting down with you and understanding your goals. What functionality does a minimally viable product (MVP) need to have? Who are the users going to be? How should it look and behave? Our user experience experts and web designers help create just the right interface.

Next, we choose the platform. Would this make the most sense as a mobile app or a website? What kind of cloud hosting server support will it need? Our architects will design a system that keeps immediate goals in focus but also plans for future growth.

Once we are in agreement on what to build, we hit the ground running. Developers and designers with the right skillset are staffed to the project, and we enter a rapid development mode. We work closely together as we go through multiple iterations to get a working product ready in just a few weeks.


Complete Solutions

Our expertise extends well beyond just design and implementation. Once a product is built, we partner with you to make sure it continues to meet your needs and the servers stay up and running. A dedicated maintenance team can support the project, addressing issues discovered in the field and adding new features as your business grows.

Need help with server operations? We can manage the hosting tasks for you, or work in partnership with your team to provide broader coverage. Our operations group has years of experience managing cloud data centers including patching, backups, restores, load balancers, SSL certificates, monitoring, and more.



Some clients know exactly what they want, right from day one. Others have an idea but need to experiment and explore. We can use waterfall and/or agile development best practices coupled with project and program management capabilities to make sure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

If scope for a project is clearly defined, we can work with you to document the requirements, establish a project schedule, and deliver a finished product. If your organization already has established design, testing, and release processes, we can adopt them and function as an extension of your development team.

Have some great ideas but need to work out the details? We can work iteratively with you, building and delivering functionality on a weekly basis so that you can refine the concept as you see it come to life.


Team Extension

With the expertise ranging from architecture to front end design we often act as an extension of our clients internal teams. Flexible FTE (Full Time Equivalent) based resourcing gives our clients the ability to use our capabilities to extend their internal capabilities when needed the most.

Developers are dedicated to a specific project, so you can get to know the Cape Ann team members you are working with. At times, it is helpful to have engineers on site to help get everyone up to speed or ensure a release goes as smoothly as possible. Just let us know, and we can arrange to colocate our developers in your office at these important times.

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We are looking for engineers, project managers, designers to join our team full-time in Boston and Europe.


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